Wednesday, January 7, 2009

youtubing around for good talks

emulate good speakers.

video of dan sperling on cap and trade for cities
accountable and empowered cities. kind of similar to the county-caps previously proposed. he claims he put it forward for the scoping plan...but it's not in there.

paul ehrlich is a frigging incredible speaker. witness:
the toxification of planet earth
(really good insights: reversal of standard dose-response relationships)
i'm pretty sure it's not possible to emulate him. he has really sick flow, but this is clearly a byproduct of his immense knowledge. he uses no notes.

angela davis's enunciation and gesticulations are very effective.
sounds kind of like a preacher, interestingly enough. repetition to emphasize points. no powerpoint.

marty sereno on the origin of the human mind.
he's not really using notes. his slides are very good, very little text. this is a slick talk. he's basically just showing images, talking over them, and using arrows to highlight specific parts of the images.

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