Sunday, March 20, 2011

oh, the power of lobbying

Doesn't this, instinctively, feel like a problem?

From the webpage of the California Business Properties Association (CBPA):
CBPA had a very successful year. Below are some of the highlights from 2010:
CBPA engaged on more than 500 pieces of legislation in the California State Capitol. Of the forty-nine (49) bills deemed “High Priority,” we opposed thirty one (31), 15 of which were killed in the Legislature and sixteen (16) were vetoed by the Governor. Eight (8) bills we supported were signed by the Governor. Most importantly zero (0) bills opposed by CBPA were signed into law.
In my gut, it seems like if there is a single organization that represents the interests of capital and that agency is able to advocate for and achieve specific outcomes from the government, then we do not live in a democracy.

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